Monday, June 6, 2011

Bullies are Bad.

So my precious daughter (The Miss) and I were talking, and she told me about this friend of hers- he has issues with walking and uses a wheelchair to get around. Anyways, there's some kids at her school who are just brats and they have been giving this lovely kid trouble. 

Now the poor kid being picked on (please don't get me wrong- I'm not saying he's a poor kid because he's in a wheelchair- I say it because he's being bullied and picked on- the fact he's in a wheelchair just doesn't compute) isn't saying anything because he doesn't want more trouble from these kids I assume. 

It is a sad world when people bully others- particularly others who can't really defend themselves as adeptly as they can- and I told my daughter this in no uncertain terms. This kind of behaviour is left to go on and on, and it only gets worse. 

I'll keep encouraging The Miss to get her friends to stand up to these two bullies- because bullying is NOT okay under any circumstances. Their stunt could have hurt The Miss' friend badly if they'd miscalculated their stupidity, or damaged his wheelchair elsewise- just who would pay for it if they had broken something? 

Violence is unnecessary, and should be discouraged in our youth- teach them how to channel it to useful endeavours- not the destruction of people, property and in some cases themselves. It is those who are most insecure who need to victimize others in order to make themselves feel superior- and in some ways I feel sorry for those people- but you know what? We all make choices, and sometimes they're good- and sometimes they're bad...but we have free will- and I'm sure these kids understand the differences between right and wrong. 

I just hope that they get help before it escalates into something that cannot be forgiven. 

I encourage anyone with issues regarding bullying to talk to a teacher, a friend, a parent- anyone who can listen and help you. It is not funny, its dangerous and can end very badly- you must keep yourself, and your friends safe. If you love them- you must speak out!